Every girl needs and should own at least one set of pearl items for special occaions. Some of our earrings styles provide 2 ways of wearing, usually a classic stud style and a chic style which are flexible and versatile for both special occasions or daily wear with only the price of one.

We source and select each Akoya and Mabe pearl carefully from Japan to ensure the highest quality standard for each item. There is a luxury range and an entry range of accessories currently available at our shop for your selection.



Akoya Pearls vs Fresh Water Pearls:

Compared to fresh water pearls, Akoya pearls are rounder in shape, has more mirror-like quality of luster, higher light return and less burry of reflections. The overall tone and reflection of Akoya pearls are more dreamy and romantic which are more suitable for bridal and special occasions.


Our Mabe Pearls:

Unlike most Mabe Pearls accessories in the market, our designs are clean timeless and elegant, which are suitable for bridal march-in and your sacred ceremony, leaving a classy and high-end impression to your guests. Today, Mabe pearls accessories have become a new trend of fashion jewelry that are worn by many celebrities such as Kate Middleton.